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Bullet Bunny

Hello! My name is Sako-- This is a blog for both my art and work-in-progress shots, along with other things that tickle my fancy!

Other things on this blog
-Many fandoms
-Non-art related content
-Probably a lot of slash

Also please note, don't repost or alter my work.

If you want permission to use something as an icon (besides commissions), please message me and ask permission.

Hey guys, I figured I might try my luck adding one of these?

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Sep 12 '12

Why yes Amazon I would like a free trail of Amazon Prime, and free two-day shipping.

Jul 23 '12

Just about have enough money to pay our electricity bill— that or help cover food for next month. If I can just keep this going I might actually be able to afford Guild Wars 2 while it’s still on pre-order.

Jul 20 '12

Two commissions; one of an adorable 40k OC, and one of the 11th Doctor, and thanks to both of the commissioners being absolute sweethearts, I’ll be able to get my money in time to help pay bills. Today is amazing

Mar 30 '12

I just spent a good few hours going through my CG folder, deleting old crap— and somehow stumbled onto a gold mine of shit I never finished, but got really close to … This is so sweet, haha

Mar 13 '12
Mar 13 '12

You know what’s priceless after booting up a game, intending to play your save-file after getting new DLC as a gift?

Finding out your younger sibling deleted it and your backup saves.

Mar 3 '12

No, no it’s okay snow-storm. I don’t still have to finish my playthrough of Mass Effect 2. Please, continue.

Mar 3 '12

Spent a good chunk of today/last night without power— the only good thing that came from this is I got out a sketchbook and drew for most of the morning. Expect some art soon— I hope nobody minds super heroes. (And maybe some Uncharted fanart? idk)

Feb 13 '12

Finally tracked down a CE copy of ME3 for the 360 —From Toys R Us if you can believe it— now since my saves for the first two games got eaten I’m playing back through ME1 and ME2, 

This is also really great because I have to fix my sleeping schedule— I’ve got a possible job coming up and they employ humans, not semi-nocturnal computer nerds. \o/ This should be a fun week.

Feb 5 '12
I didn’t make it this time but here’s my cake, guys. 

I didn’t make it this time but here’s my cake, guys.